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Local attractions in Tenterfield

At Tenterfield Motor Inn, we know the must-see local attractions for any visitors to the area. Whether you are looking for a fun family day out or a bit of local history and culture, you’ll find something near our motel accommodation. We have put together some great places to visit, all of which we highly recommend, as well as a little history about our town. If you need further advice or assistance regarding what Tenterfield has to offer, please feel free to ask us before or during your stay.

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About Tenterfield

Tenterfield Motor Inn Bluff Rock

With a population of around 7000, Tenterfield is known as the birthplace of our nation. It is a historical town and home to some very well known Australians, including Sir Henry Parkes who revisited his own constituency. It was then when he made his famous speech proposing to have a union of six colonies into a federation of states.

Tenterfield is also home to singer Peter Allen and his grandfather George Woolnough, who owned the Tenterfield Saddler. This later became one of Peter Allen’s most famous songs, and he has often expressed love for his hometown.

Banjo Patterson and Alice Walker, both local residents, were married at the local Presbyterian Church. Alice was also a resident of the Tenterfield Station. Another distinguished individual connected with Tenterfield is Major J F Thomas. This local solicitor defended Breaker Morant during the 1902 South African War.

Places to visit

Tenterfield Motor Inn Waterfall

Tenterfield has many historical museums displaying photos, artefacts, paintings, tools, and machinery. There are many historic buildings that have been restored to their former glory, as you will notice when exploring our much-loved town.

Right next door to our motel is the magnificent Stannum House, which was originally built in 1880 for Robert Holmes Reid. Robert was a wealthy tin mining giant who contributed hugely to the town’s water and electricity supplies, hospital, meat works, and butter factory. Tenterfield is well known for its mining resources, including gold, tin, iron ore, and many more.

The local community of Tenterfield is very welcoming to tourists and guests looking to explore our town’s rich history. Everyone is only too happy to provide help and information to ensure your stay is enjoyable and interesting.

There is much to do in and around Tenterfield, depending on what your’re likes and interests are. We are surrounded by an array of magnificent National Parks, Vineyards, most beautiful Autumn colours and we have over 100 heritage listed buildings – just to name some of our features.

Tenterfield is rich in history with buildings that date back to the mid 19 th Century. Tenterfield is where the start of Federation took place. It was Sir Henry Parkes who on the 24 th October 1889 made that famous speech on the “Birth of our Nation” that became the decisive moment that led to Federation.

Tenterfield sits 850 Metres above Sea Level. Our Shire consists of 7, 332 Square km with a population of around 7000 people and is still growing. Tenterfield is marked by 4 distinct seasons. It is marked by having a pleasant moderate Summer and a mild Spring. Our Autumn provides us with a display of a russet-gold foliage with a variety of deciduous trees. Our Winter days are Sunny with crisp mornings and nights. We have a number of Frosts and on occasions snow if we’re lucky!

National Parks around Tenterfield

Tenterfield Shire is located on the New England Tableland. It enjoys landscape of scenic and  rugged quality which has well watered bushland. Feel free to make Nature discoveries through our many walks, partake in a swim at our many waterholes and walks to view the sights. To name a couple of our National Parks are the  ever-popular  “Bald Rock” and “Boonoo Boonoo” National Parks. Both “Bald Rock” and “Boonoo Boonoo” National Parks are both accessible by all types of vehicles.

Selection of national parks around us

Walks and Tours 

There are a number of Walks and Tours throughout the Tenterfield Region. Please refer to “Tenterfield Tourism” for more information http://www.tenterfieldtourism.com.au/


Why not visit our Cold Climate Wineries. We have so much to offer in reference to variety and style, soil types, altitudes etc. This can be evidenced by the number of Local Wines in our Restaurants and the number of Awards won at Wine Shows coming from our Region.

Boonoo Boonoo National Park 

Tenterfield Motor Inn Boonoo Boonoo National Park
Why not visit the spectacular view of the “Boonoo Boonoo” River over the Cliff Face above the valley. Watch the amazing waterfall 210 Metres above, as it falls into the Gorge below. While your’re there, you might like to take in one of the many bush tracks, have a picnic in a secluded area and/or go for a swim in one of the many Rock Pools along the River, which is lined by some beautiful Wildflowers on the water’s edge during the Spring months.

Bald Rock National Park 

Tenterfield Motor Inn Bald Rock National Park

The most significant feature in “Bald Rock” National Park is the climbing of “Bald Rock” itself. It is the largest Granite Rock in Australia and people climb it, like “Ayres Rock” in years gone by. It was established some 220 Million years ago. “Bald Rock” is 500 Metres wide, 750 Metres long and is an astounding 200 Metres above the surrounding environment.

Anyone can climb “Bald Rock”. One might like to try the more gentler approach going on the “Bungoona Walking Track” on the Eastern side of the Rock. It meanders through the forest passing through Caves, Granite Boulder Formations, Arches, Moss, Orchids and Ferns. A beautiful walk away from the possible stresses/demands on everyday life.

Or for the more energetic, one could walk up the steep face of Bald Rock. This is the shorter of the two options. It is a most enjoyable walk, taking in the most spectacular scenery and marvelling at the different sections of the rock formations and the small rock pools in different sections of the Rock.

Upon finishing your successful climb, there are gas barbecues and Picnic Tables in the Picnic Area, where everyone can chill out.

It has been said before, that “Bald  Rock” is the most popular Tourist destination that people come to Tenterfield for.

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